Grepolis: New World 'Omicron' Ready for Action

02/21/2011 04:01 am in News

If you have been looking for a new world to start playing on in the free-to-play strategy game, Grepolis, then today is your lucky day. Publishers of the game, InnoGames, have announced the opening of a new world and it's planned to go live today!


InnoGames has decided the time has come for yet another new server for the online strategy game, Grepolis. As of today, you can begin playing on this new world and get a fresh start. Although there is not an exact hour for when the server is to go live, it is scheduled for today and should be up and running anytime soon.

The new world Omicron will have a speed of 2. There is going to be a cap of 60 on alliances, as the team at Grepolis feels "less is more". Of course, the standard beginners protection of 5 days will be implemented, giving you time to get your feet on the ground. Rather than having the standard conquering system, this new world is going to feature the "revolt" system.

Grepolis is a free-to-play strategy browser game where you are given your own island to create your own empire from the ground up. This Greek-themed browser game offers you the chance to join alliances, conquer your neighbors and create a prosperous city to become the mightiest ruler.

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